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Using the Power of the Mind-Body Connection
Narrated by Roger J. Klein Psy.D. and Nancy C. Klein, M.A.
Music by Ken Fox

     Relaxation and Success Imagery is designed to help teens and adults obtain the relaxation response. Learning to relax is a skill that results in a variety of health benefits. You will be guided through a progression of suggestions to relax all the muscles in your body. Once relaxed you will be asked to repeat positive self-statements and visualize yourself being successful in any goal behavior of your choice. This type of imagery is a form of mental rehearsal and is a proven technique to enhance the attainment of the behavior you imagine.
      These research-based techniques improve learning, enhance athletic performance, promote healing and reduce the negative effects of stress. Relaxation and imagery provide the foundation for positive change and for relief from stress. Some of the positive self-statements include.
      The script, accompanied by tranquil acoustic guitar, offers a choice of male voice on track 1 (15:16) or a female voice on track 2 (15:53).

31 minute CD
ISBN 0-9636027-6-4